SWEBO BioTherm - a combustor capable of burning difficult fuels such as horse and poultry manure, extremely moist wood chips, slaughterhouse waste, and more.The SWEBO BioTherm is the result of a research and development project lasting many years and, like so many of our other products, it has made a significant impression on the market. Among other fuels, the burner can burn challenging fuels such as horse and chicken manure, extremely moist chips (with a moisture content of up to 61%), offal, etc. In other words, it is a genuine multi-burner.

Thanks to the SWEBO BioTherm's high degree of efficiency and unique combustion design, it is the most environmentally friendly and efficient heating alternative in its class, both in terms of operation and economy.

The SWEBO BioTherm is available in versions from 200 to 1000 kW.

Research & Development

SWEBO Bioenergy began producing biofuel boilers (using chips) in the early 1970s. Since then, there have been many developments both in the energy market and on the product side. Read more

Environmentally friendly energy

The current global trend is towards a change in the way we use energy resources. Fossil fuels will eventually be replaced by renewable alternatives. SWEBO Bioenergy's solutions are among these alternatives. Read more


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