Our quality assurance system

SWEBO Bioenergy AB has adopted a quality assurance system which is in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

We take a holistic approach to quality; our high quality standards permeates our business practices as well as our human resources policies.
Instructions, responsibilities and powers of authority and are clearly documented and our employees have proper training and competence for their respective areas of responsibility. Managment is responsible for maintaining the quality assurance system. However, the daily work of maintaining the quality system may be delegated to any employee of choice.
Suppliers are also included in our quality assurance efforts, and we only work with suppliers who can be expected to meet the criteria put forth in our quality assurance system.
Business concept
"Fulfilling the customers' needs by designing, supplying and optimising cost-effective energy solutions with the focus on sound, environmentally friendly values."

Quality policy
"By giving the customer more than expected, we can inspire in our company which will form the basis for a long-term relationship and healthy profit. Our methods should be based on a holistic philosophy guided by the explicit and implicit needs of the customer and the marketplace ."

Warm solutions guaranteed
We deliver durable heating systems based on well-tested installations and working models. We don't just sell products, we are able to offer our customers turn-key solutions. Our offer includes (among other things):
- High-quality products and system parts.
- Customised solutions for your situation and your specific needs, based on your geographic location and your budget.
- Effective output based on your data.
- Complete documentation of the job.
- Our motto: Satisifed customers with stable installations.
In short -  Warm solutions guaranteed!
The basis of our policy:
- conduct becoming of a serious world-leader with long-term partnership ambitions.
- offering products and systems according to specification; analysing customer needs in order to provide proper advice and efficient.
- meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations when it comes to assistance, support and treatment.
- delivering safe high-class products to demanding environments.
- delivering the right product, at the right time, to the right place.
- applying our focus on quality to every aspect of our business, everything from services to deliveries of turn-key systems.
- choosing suppliers who are as committed to quality assurance as we are, and constantly improving quality assurance systems - both our own and those of our suppliers.
- all employees should be familiar with the company's quality assurance system and be responsible for maintaining and improving the quality assurance policy as well as the environmental policy.
- our quality assurance system should meet the criteria for ISO certification, should the need ever arise.
- we will always honour agreements regarding deliveries, support and services.
- we should inspire confidence and project an aura of reliability.

Research & Development

SWEBO Bioenergy began producing biofuel boilers (using chips) in the early 1970s. Since then, there have been many developments both in the energy market and on the product side. Read more

Environmentally friendly energy

The current global trend is towards a change in the way we use energy resources. Fossil fuels will eventually be replaced by renewable alternatives. SWEBO Bioenergy's solutions are among these alternatives. Read more


We at Swebo have a
requirement to always offer our customers very high quality. Over the years with experience you become wise. We have been working in this industry for over 35 years, building up a knowledge and product base to rely on!